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I never shop at New York and Company however decided to take a look around there yesterday since they were having a pretty big post-Christmas sale. I found a couple reasonably priced shirts that I liked and one sales associate had told me that they were an additional 20% off before 2pm.

The wait in line wasn't too long; however, it could have gone quicker. When I went up to pay I asked about the extra 20%, but the sales associate refused to give it, it was 2:04. I decided not to cause a scene over that, it was a difference of only a few dollars difference. She then asked for my home phone number (for cupons), I already get them (which I don't want to) and hate giving out my phone number so I kindly said that they already have it.

She persisted so I gave it, but switched the last 4 numbers around. Then she asked for my name, address, and email. Again I politely said that they already have it, I did not want to give my personal information in front of that many people. She gave me a nasty look and finished cashing me out.

As soon as she handed my bag to me she turned to the worker next to her, "what a b****" is what she said. Immediately I walked up to a manager and told her what happened, I also pointed the girl out to her. She said she would take care of it, and I really hope she did. I also work retail and that behavior is completely unacceptable.

Save it for the break room. After this experience I think it will be my first and my last time ever shopping at NY&C.

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